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Beach Properties in Thailand

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Whether you are looking for property in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, Chang Mai, Koh Samui, Koh Chang, Krabi or anywhere in Thailand or Internationally – one thing you can be sure of when dealing with the Team at FazWaz, is that we help you to find “Property That’s Right For You”.

Unlike a lot of other Property Agents in Thailand, the Team at FazWaz are not new to Thailand property market, with a combination of more than 25 years experience in the condo, Villa and housing sales market, including the development of many “High Quality” boutique estate projects like Elysium project, Garden Tower project, the Grove Villas, Zen Living and many more. Continue reading “Beach Properties in Thailand” »

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The Minimalist Guide to Short Term Rentals in Hong Kong

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Hotels in Hong Kong are notoriously expensive. The only real alternative to expensive hotels is short time rentals. They don’t come with room service, nor someone will come to make your bed every day, but you will get a completely furnished room equipped with a bunch of amenities for a great price. Most of which are available for at least three-day rent and will save you even more money if you stay longer. Continue reading “The Minimalist Guide to Short Term Rentals in Hong Kong” »


Buying a condo in Metro Manila – 6 things to consider

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One of the most crucial metros of Philippines, Metro Manila comprises of 16 cities including the city of Manila. This metropolitan area is known to be on the 5th rank in the list of the ‘most populous urban regions in the world.’ With the population growing and the economy getting better the real estate sector has been thriving in Metro Manila. Continue reading “Buying a condo in Metro Manila – 6 things to consider” »

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Buying a property in Singapore – A quick review

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Singapore is one of the best places for the younger generation investors to invest in buying either condominium or the property, with few restrictions in government policies. Due to the cooling effects of the government over the land prices for the past few years, this city has remarkable fluctuations in the land prices.  Though, this city remains to be one of the best places for investment. Continue reading “Buying a property in Singapore – A quick review” »

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