Buying a condo in Metro Manila – 6 things to consider

One of the most crucial metros of Philippines, Metro Manila comprises of 16 cities including the city of Manila. This metropolitan area is known to be on the 5th rank in the list of the ‘most populous urban regions in the world.’ With the population growing and the economy getting better the real estate sector has been thriving in Metro Manila. The prices of properties have been increasing steadily in Metro Manila in recent times. For an investment as well as for personal use there are different types of properties available in Metro Manila. Buying a condo in the prime location would not just make the daily commute convenient but also bring along plenty of amenities. Given that the first subway project of Philippines has kick-started the traffic problem of Metro Manila is also going to be taken care of shortly. All this comes as good news for those buying a condo in this metro.


  1. Purpose

Different criteria are considered while buying property for personal use than those when buying a property for rental purposes. For rental income, a smaller condo close to the heart of the city is likely to fetch higher rent prices.

  1. Which city should you buy your condo?

Should the homebuyer choose the financial hub – Makati or the newly growing areas of Pasig City or the most significant city – Quezon City? Selecting the city as the first criterion for making the decision helps quickly narrow down the options.

  1. The pattern of price changes

There are some regions like the Pasig City which were earlier primarily known as residential areas, and now there are plenty of commercial complexes constructed. Places that are on the verge of real estate market growth are the best places that can fetch good appreciation value for the condo.

  1. Access to amenities

Condos that are situated in the residential localities where hospitals, schools, and other essential facilities are easily accessible are the most convenient options to reside.

  1. Budget

The Philippines is the 4th cheapest country in the whole of Asia when it comes to investing on a property. So for all those looking for condos in Metro Manila, it is easy to find even a spacious condo with many amenities at a reasonable budget.

metro manila condos

  1. Channel of approach

There are various ways to start searching for Condos for sale in Metro Manila. Licensed real estate agents can help arrange for property visits and also recommend the most suitable properties for sale. To save time and to lower the charges involved in the property search for the properties on Fazwaz, it can be very convenient. This also helps apply filters to make a list of the properties that fit within the home buyer’s requirements.

With the real estate prices soaring in Metro Manila, buying a property here means that the home buyer is assured of a high return on the investment. Both in terms of the rental income and terms of the resale value condos in Metro Manila turn out to be profitable.