Is it expensive to live in Dubai?

As a city that is an amalgamation of royalty and modern tax-free lifestyle, this city has so much to offer for everyone who moves here. Whether it is for a quick tour or to settle down, the town has limitless opportunities to look into. Dubai is known for plenty of things. A rapidly growing economy, diversity in terms of the job opportunities, great remuneration packages, and attractive jobs, skyscrapers reaching the clouds, and a whole lot of the hustle and bustle amidst the vast deserts around. Fast cars and luxury villas, small studios and condos – the city have them all. So for everyone with every budget requirement the city is warm and welcoming. While all that people talk about Dubai might seem so alluring, there is the common notion that such luxury and such standards of living come with a hefty price tag. However, those who have lived in the hottest metropolitan cities of the world would be able to feel the difference. Dubai is not as expensive as it appears from the outside. It is true that some facilities are costly. However, various other essential expenses are relatively cheaper than the other cities.

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Understanding the costs and trends of the basics of the Dubai lifestyle will help us know the cost of living in Dubai.


For renting a property as well as for buying one Dubai has a plethora of options to offer. There are different types of features and different styles of architecture and furnishing to suit different families with different preferences. Rents of all kinds of properties have been displaying a downward trend recently. On one can easily find one’s dream home to offer the best standard of living for one’s family. In the end, renters can be assured that they are getting the best value for their money. Besides affordable renting options, Dubai is considered to be one of the best cities to buy properties for investment. Rental rates have gone down, but the demand for properties for rent is soaring. So one can expect steady and consistent rental income by buying a property in Dubai. One can, therefore, be assured of finding the best property to rent or buy in Dubai no matter what the budget is.


Exotic deserts that are served with a gold flake to the unique taste and flavors in the seafood, there is a wide range of cuisine styles that one can find in Dubai. Dining options in Dubai are generally known to be expensive. So for all those who are looking to eat out most of the time food expenses might get hefty. However, preparing meals at home can be a less expensive option given the ease of finding groceries and other products at a reasonable pricing.


There are well-equipped local schools in Dubai that are known for their affordable fees and decent facilities. For those parents looking for an international curriculum, there are several world class schools and educational institutions. The prices in these tend to be slightly expensive. However, as a recent reform, several Dubai schools have started freezing the payments. So every parent can try and accommodate in their budget, costs for the education of the kids in the international schools.

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Healthcare costs are known to be slightly more expensive for the expats than for the locals. The locals can avail various public healthcare facilities which can be inexpensive. For the expats, there are some very flexible health insurance plans to take care of healthcare expenses. Consultation fee could be around 220 AED or more. The insurance premium values circle around 5500 AED and higher for the necessary plans.


The well-maintained cabs in Dubai plying on the well-maintained roads in this city can be unbelievably cheap for such a vibrant city. This is due to the low fuel prices that the city boasts of. So getting around the city is not just comfortable but also less expensive. There are buses, metros, water taxis, abras, trams, ferries and plenty of other modes of public transport with abras and cabs being the cheapest options.


There are some spectacular theme parks, adventure sports, water activities and a whole lot of other options for entertainment in this city besides the busy pubs. The favorite tourist spots like the Burj Khalifa might be slightly more expensive to visit with the family than the other local attractions. On the whole entertainment in Dubai has several budget-friendly options as well as some lavish options which are still worth splurging.

A final word

The type of lifestyle one chooses would determine the cost of living in this beautiful city. Break free from the common misconception that Dubai is an expensive city. Consider the standard of living one gets to experience here which cannot be experienced anywhere else.