Renting A Shared Apartment In Luxembourg


If you are a foreigner and want to stay in Luxembourg with your partner or family for a while, renting a flat should appeal to you. If you are single and want to adapt your new life in Luxembourg, then sharing a flat with other foreigners or citizens can be fun and exciting.

Due to rising rental price in Luxembourg, foreigners find sharing flats more cost-effective. Another advantage is the community feeling that people get when living together with others. It is estimated that flat share rate ranges from €700-€1,000, depending on location and facilities available.

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How to rent a flat?

Usually, you need to contact real estate agencies or relocation agency to make inquiries on vacant flats or flat share offers. The real estate market in Luxembourg is very active. You are most likely to find a range of offers on your first visit to a real estate agency. You can contact Vauban Fort – a reputable firm if you want to rent a flat in Luxembourg.


Things to consider before choosing a flatshare

Once you have been presented an offer(s), be sure to understand your contract. Your contract may be drafted in French, German, or Luxembourgish. Ensure you make use of the services of a translator to help you better comprehend your contract terms. Luxembourg real estate laws generally favor tenants. For example, the government regulates housing prices to an extent.

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Flat inventory

Quite a number of rental flats in Luxembourg are not furnished. If you rent a furnished flat, you will be required to fill an inventory form. The inventory form indicates items contained in the flat, their numbers, and state or working condition. Items that are probably broken or in need of repair are also specified. Upon inspection of the flat, fill the form accordingly. After that, you and your landlord will agree over the items on the inventory and their current condition. Be very vigilant in this process. You may be asked to pay for the repair of damaged facilities that you probably overlooked during the inspection. You can also negotiate with your landlord to make sure repairs before or after you have moved in.

You should confirm which items you share with other tenants and which facilities belong to you exclusively. This will also bring about the issue of shared responsibility. Be clear on what items and facilities you are solely responsible for. Get clarity on how responsibility is shared over the use or maintenance of facilities used generally by all tenants.

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Flat rules and regulations

When living with others, rules and regulations help to guide our behaviors towards one another. A copy of flat rules and regulations will be given to you by your landlord. You may request for it before you sign your contract or when you are about to move in. It is essential that you get it before signing your contract. You can weigh the rules against your personality before you decide to accept the contract terms. As specific rules will infringe to an extent on your convenience, it is worth paying early attention to flat rules. For example, there may be restrictions on the number of pets allowed per tenant, the amount of storage space allowed per tenant, noise regulations, and so on.

Shared bills

Every month, tenants are expected to pay for the maintenance of shared facilities such as lifts, lawns, heating, and so on. There is usually an agreed sharing formula. Ensure you understand the sharing formula, so you are not over-charged.